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The EU must unfreeze Libyan assets and open a Delegation in Tripoli

6 septembre 2011

With the end of the Gaddafi regime approaching, the S&D Group in the European Parliament urges the EU to step up humanitarian aid to respond to the new needs of the Libyan people, particularly in Tripoli.  The Group calls on the High Representative, Catherine Ashton, to open a fully-fledged EU Delegation in the Libyan capital as soon as possible and to work with Member States to release frozen Libyan assets to help the Libyan Transitional Council (TNC) deliver the governance needed in this transitional period.


High Representative Catherine Ashton and the EEAS established an EU office in Benghazi in May. Now the EU needs to build on this hard work and on its good relations with the TNC to address the most pressing needs of the Libyan people.

As funds are released, the Group expects the Transitional National Council to fulfil its responsibilities and deliver on the commitments it has made to build a tolerant, unified and democratic state, protecting universal human rights for all Libyan citizens, as well as for migrant workers or foreigners.

 The Libyan people made this revolution and they lead the way forward. The EU must now help Libya to build democratic institutions, ensure disarmament, demobilisation, rehabilitation and security sector reform, prepare free and fair elections and build the justice system.


The S&D Group urges all countries, especially Libya’s neighbours, to cooperate with the new Libyan authorities and the international justice, namely the ICC, to ensure that Gaddafi and his closest allies will be brought to justice.




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