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FEMIP: The crisis and exit strategies in the Mediterranean partner countries

1 décembre 2010

In order to provide some key pointers for analysing scenarios for emerging from the crisis for the Mediterranean partner countries, the European Investment Bank (EIB) asked the Forum Euro-méditerranéen des Instituts de Sciences Économiques (FEMISE) to carry out a new study.

This study points out that the global context of emerging from the crisis – which is characterised by a change in the relative ranking of economies and by a return to structural policies – provides the partner countries with an opportunity to develop new forms of growth. In this connection, these countries will have to formulate an overall strategy, based on a greater opening-up of their economies internationally, the development of new activities and the establishment of growth that is more inclusive.

This report was drawn up with the financial support of the FEMIP Trust Fund.


 Study in Pdf:   EN 81K          FR2.8M

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