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Conclusions of the 2nd Conference of ministers for Labour and Employment of the Union for the Mediterranean

23 novembre 2010

The 2nd Conference of ministers for Labour and Employment of the Union for the Mediterranean was held on 21 and 22 November in Brussels at the invitation of Belgium as current President of the Council of the European Union and host nation and under the UfM Co-Presidency of Egypt and France, with the support of the European Commission.


The ministers welcomed that the reunion took place despite the difficulties that affect the peace process in the Middle East. By this initiative, Belgium wanted to support the peace process by creating a climate of political cooperation on social and employment policies and to reinforce the Union for Mediterranean process which cannot be jeopardized by the israelo-palestinian problematic.

The ministers have strengthened the ‘employment’ dimension of the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in labour, employment and social dialogue, by which they contribute to the social dimension of globalisation. The political successes of such a cooperation could also inspire for the G20 and would be very meaningful within the the International Labour Organization since every country endorsed the Agenda for Decent Work.

During this meeting, the social partners and the ministers for Labour and Employment acknowledged that the Framework for Actions on Employment, Employability and Decent Work, as adopted in Marrakesh during the first Conference in 2008, is fully relevant since the recent economic crisis as well as in the economic recovery. They also agreed upon new political priorities to reinforce the regional political dialogue and de Framework for Action.

This Conference was also the occasion for Belgium to strengthen its cooperation with several countries from the Mediterranean Regions, casu quo Morocco. The Moroccan and Belgian ministers for Employment have signed a new bilateral cooperation agreement which is in accordance with the Framework of Actions of Marrakesh and Brussels.

This Framework for Actions will be developed thanks to:

  • A stronger regional political dialogue;
  • the creation of a network of experts and specialists on employment issues ;
  • thematic initiatives (such as conferences) in cooperation with leading countries on these topics, of both sides of the Mediterranean ;
  • strengthened bilateral cooperation projects, such as Belgium and Morocco signed today;
  • actions decided by the social partners within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Social Dialogue Forum, launched in Barcelona in March 2010 and that will meet again in 2011 ;
  • projects promotion by public and private development actors whose access to international financing and funding of the European Union will be facilitated;
  • the stability of the intended cooperation.

 Through this partnership, the European Union makes a series of financial instruments available and supports the political and technical cooperation between Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean. The Belgian Presidency, which strengthened relations with several countries of the region, was pleased to contribute, thanks to this initiative, to the social dimension of the Union for the Mediterranean and its 43 partner countries.

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