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JCall: European Jewish Call for Reason

24 avril 2010

The call you will find below has already been signed by public figures and members of various European Jewish associations who have long been committed to the struggle for peace in the Middle East, and whose names you’ll find below.

Our objective is to allow the opinions of European Jews, who have been silent for too long, to be expressed publicly and to allow a Jewish voice to be heard that is both committed to the state of Israel and critical of the current choices of its government.

We ask all those who agree with this text to sign it.

This Call for Reason will be presented at an important meeting at the European Parliament in Brussels on 3 May 2010.

Contact us:

If you support this call, don’t forget to sign it.

Call for reason

We are citizens of European countries, Jews, and involved in the political and social life of our respective countries. Whatever our personal paths, our connection to the state of Israel is part of our identity. We are concerned about the future of the State of Israel to which we are unfailingly committed.

Israel faces existential threats. Far from underestimating the threats from its external enemies, we know that the danger also lies in the occupation and the continuing pursuit of settlements in the West Bank and in the Arab districts of East Jerusalem. These policies are morally and politically wrong and feed the unacceptable delegitimization process that Israel currently faces abroad.

For these reasons we have decided to take action based on the following principles:

  1. The future of Israel depends upon urgently achieving peace with the Palestinian people on the basis of the Two States Solution. As we all know, this is urgent. Israel will soon be faced with two, equally disastrous choices: either to become a state in which Jews would be a minority in their own country, or establish a regime that would be a disgrace to Israel and lead to civil unrest.
  2. It is essential therefore that the European Union, along with the United States, put pressure on both parties and help them achieve a reasonable and rapid solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict. History confers on Europe a particular responsibility in this region of the world.
  3. While the final decision belongs to the sovereign people of Israel, our commitment to Israel as Jews of the Diaspora obliges us to work towards reaching a just solution. Systematic support of Israeli government policy is dangerous and does not serve the true interests of the state of Israel.
  4. Our objective is to create a European movement that will allow the voice of reason to be heard by all. This movement is non-partisan. Its aim is to ensure the survival of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. This depends on the creation of a viable and sovereign Palestinian state.

We ask all those who agree with the above principles to sign and encourage others to sign this call.

Source: JCall

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  1. Jean Claude Bourmanne permalink
    30 avril 2010 09:50

    Je soutiens entiérement cette initiative prise par le CCLJ et d’autres organisations juives européenne. Elle est courageuse, sage et responsable.

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