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« Maghreb and the EU: towards sustainable security »

21 avril 2010

Undergoing important transformation, North Africa constitutes a major challenge for the European Union. Bound by geography and history, the two shores of the Mediterranean (including the European Union, North Africa, and up to Sahel and the Sub Saharan Region) are intended, as globalization reinforces the logic of regional integration, to talk together in order to consolidate and expand their partnerships.

If it holds many opportunities, this Mediterranean partnership also presents many challenges, that forces us to throw light on all political, economic, social and geopolitical considerations.

In this respect, the Thomas More Institute has decided to conduct a study entitled “Towards a sustainable security in the Maghreb: an opportunity for the region, a commitment for the European Union », designing an original and pragmatic Euro-Maghreb approach, mixing human, economic and sustainable development, migration and security issues (terrorism and trafficking).

This study intends to spark off the interests of both sides of the Mediterranean, and to express tracks of reflexion and operational recommendations aiming at establishing and reinforcing a « sustainable security » that would benefit all stakeholders in the region, including the EU.

Based on this special report, the Thomas More Institute will coordinate a high level meeting on April 7th in Brussels, where senior institutions (European Parliament, European Council, European Commission), academics, heads of think tanks, NGOs and private sector officials will be able to discuss this new relationship between Europe and North Africa and its implications.

Documents: ITMReport-EUMaghreb-Eng

                         ITM Rapport Maghreb UE FR


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