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Combatants for Peace present their work in promoting peace in the Middle East

18 mars 2010

Following the closing of the Anna Lindh Forum in Barcelona, representatives of the Israeli-Palestinian organization “Combatants for Peace”, winner of the Anna Lindh Euro-Med Award for Dialogue 2009, presented their work in promoting cooperation and peace between Palestinians and Israelis to the European Institute for the Mediterranean IEMed, Head of the Anna Lindh Spanish Network.

“Combatants for Peace” is a civil movement formed by former Palestinian militants and Israeli soldiers, aiming to promote a peaceful and right solution to the conflict through dialogue and non-violent means. After brandishing weapons for so many years, and having seen one another only through weapon sights, former Palestinian militants and Israeli soldiers have decided to put down their guns, and to fight for peace and justice.

A press release said Maha Staiti from Palestine and Gitit Bar-El from Israel presented to the public the efforts of “Combatants for Peace” in achieving a peaceful solution for the Middle East conflict. Various joint actions are held by “Combatants for Peace” in which Palestinians and Israelis work hand in hand against oppression.

Combatants for Peace” also organised a session in the framework of the Anna Lindh Forum in Barcelona on the role of women in the non-violent struggle for peace on the occasion of International Women’s Day.   The movement has received the Euro-Med Award for Dialogue 2009, an annual award organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation and Fondazione Mediterraneo, in recognition for their efforts in promoting a culture of peace and coexistence in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

« We are a group of Israeli and Palestinian individuals who were actively involved in the cycle of violence in our area. The Israelis served as combat soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces and the Palestinians were involved in acts of violence in the name of Palestinian liberation« , said the « Combatants for Peace » founding statement. « We all used weapons against one another, and looked at each other only through weapon sights; however today we cooperate and commit ourselves to the following:

  • We no longer believe that the conflict can be resolved through violence
  • We believe that the blood bath will not end unless we act together to terminate the occupation and stop all forms of violence.
  • We call for the establishment of a Palestinian State, alongside the State of Israel. The two states can exist in peace and security one by the other.
  • We will use only non violent means to achieve our goals and call for both societies to end violence.

Combatants for Peace

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