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Euro-Mediterranean industrial cooperation in the spotlight

2 mars 2010

The Working Party on Euro-Mediterranean industrial cooperation has convened in Brussels to review progress in implementing its 2009-2010 work programme and to plan the steps ahead.   “A constructive atmosphere prevailed throughout the meeting, a great deal of information was exchanged and decisions were made on how to proceed in each of the six areas included in the work programme,” the final report on the meeting said.   The decisions taken on the six areas include:

1. Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise. Charter coordinators will consult national stakeholders to decide whether the time has come to amend the Charter. They will also test new approaches and tools and continue exchanging information and good practice among themselves and with the EU.

2. Investment promotion: participants welcomed information from the European Investment Bank on their activities. They also expressed their satisfaction with the Invest in Med regional programme to promote investment, and asked for a similar “Trade in Med” regional programme to be launched.

3. Market access: participants regretted that the free trade area was not yet completed. They were briefed on the results of the previous ministerial meeting, and stressed the importance of maximising coordination.

4. Innovation: participants congratulated the Medibtikar regional programme for its achievements. They expressed their interest in a French project of developing a repository of ICT skills in MED countries, based on the European model.

5. Textiles and clothing: participants exchanged views and ideas about future activities to be organised as part of the dialogue on the future of the sector, in areas such as social dialogue, innovation, and labelling.

6. Sustainable industrial development: participants confirmed their readiness to “green” the Charter. They asked the Commission to elaborate on its idea of building the capacity of the private sector in the area of low emissions development.   The meeting brought together delegations from all the Mediterranean partner countries, EU member states, as well as some further members of the Union for the Mediterranean, with both public and private sectors represented, together with business associations, international organizations and projects. The European Commission was represented by the Directorates-general for Enterprise and Industry, External relations, Trade, and Economic and Financial Affairs, as well as the EuropeAid Cooperation Office.

(ENPI Info Centre)

Meeting of the Working Party on Euro-Mediterranean industrial cooperation – final report

The agenda, presentations and pictures of the meeting are available here

Invest in Med – fiche and news

Medibtikar – fiche and news

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