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ElBaradei: First week in Egypt

26 février 2010

Last week  Mohamed ElBaradei returned to Egypt.

It’s been an activist week:  ElBaradei met with Amr Moussa, the Arab League Secretary-General who has also dropped hints of a willingness to run; then he met  with various opposition figures to talk about strategies for the upcoming 2011 Egyptian presidential elections. The meeting, which took place at ElBaradei‘s house, was attended by a mix of prominent Egyptian activists, intellectuals and politicians: leaders of the Democratic Front, the liberal Constitutional Party, the Ghad party, a faction of the Wafd party, as well as representatives of the Kefaya movement and the Sixth of April Youth.  On the agenda were efforts to combat some of the more restrictive 2007 constitutional amendments. They announced the formation of a national front to promote constitutional change. ElBaradei met also with his younger supporters from Facebook and other groups promoting his candidacy. Meanwhile various establishment types continue to disparage him.

What are ElBaradei‘s own intentions? Perhaps not a presidential run, as many have been hoping. ElBaradei‘s focus will probably be on leading up this coalition to press for changes in the Egyptian political system – not on seeking higher office. Issandr El Amrani‘s commentary on this subject seems  accurate.

See also New Statesman’s Henry Smith: ElBaradei the nucleus and POMED: ElBaradei forms political coalition, but will he challenge Mubarak?

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