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Erdoğan to EU: « Open your eyes on Cyprus »

12 février 2010

Today’s Zaman (Feb 12, 2010) writes:

« A meeting with ambassadors of European Union member countries accredited to Ankara on Thursday offered Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan an opportunity to express his belief that the EU’s tendency to become an isolated body is discouraging for both the European and the Turkish public ».

« Erdoğan hosted a luncheon for the EU ambassadors only a day after members of the European Parliament endorsed an annual report evaluating EU candidate Turkey’s progress in 2009. The report made several calls on Turkey to contribute to ongoing reunification talks on the divided island of Cyprus, calls that were interpreted by Ankara as placing all the responsibility for the lack of a resolution to the decades-old Cyprusissue on the shoulders of Turkey. “Are the eyes of the European Parliament blind to the Cyprus issue within the framework of the ongoing negotiations in Cyprus? They should open their eyes. The report they have released has created disappointment in Turkey,Erdoğan said in a speech ahead of the luncheon » (…) « Erdoğan, meanwhile, stated that continuing to debate Turkey’s “Europeanness” of Turkey is nothing but a waste of time, adding that it is high time for the EU to remember its pledges to Turkey ».

The European Union is demoralizing us by opening the pledges it made to us and signatures we signed to debate. The steps Turkey takes are the biggest guarantee for the EU. Our determination for EU accession should no longer be questioned. We will continue to do our part as we have done so far,” Erdoğan added. He also complained about the opposition’s stance regarding the government’s steps to pass reforms for eventual EU membership, adding that his government is continuing its way toward accession despite all obstacles posed by the opposition ».

Read the article: Erdoğan lashes out at EU: Open your eyes on Cyprus

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