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Spain to host two-day conference on Mediterranean Solar Plan

29 janvier 2010

Valencia is to host a high-level conference on the Mediterranean Solar Plan on 11-12 May within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union, gathering together ministers and representatives of the 43 countries that make up the Union for the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Solar Plan, born under the scope of the ‘Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)’, and launched in July 2008, is one of the strategic processes for sustainable development facing the foreseeable increase of energy demand in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and the need to cut back greenhouse effect gas emissions.   Its main objective is to develop of 20 GW of renewable electricity capacity on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, as well as the necessary infrastructures for the electricity interconnection with Europe.

The Plan also envisages saving and energy efficiency, as well as technology transfer.    A key element for the development of this plan is the establishment of a suitable, new regulatory framework to promote the establishment of renewable energies, and facilitating the exchange of electricity.

The conference website says the event is“an appointment not to be missed for all agents – public authorities in the energy sector, the sector’s institutions and agencies, representatives of the energy and infrastructure firms, financial bodies, etc. – who from their various fields will make this great initiative come true within the Euro-Mediterranean energy cooperation framework.”

The EU funds a number of regional Mediterranean energy projects under the ENPI, such as the Euro-Mediterranean energy market integration project (MED-EMIP), the integration of electricity markets in the Maghreb project, the project on energy efficiency cooperation (MED-ENEC), and the cooperation project of Euro-Mediterranean energy regulators (MEDREG).

On the eve of the conference, on 10 May, the European Investment Bank (EIB) is hosting a one-day conference at the same venue in Valencia focusing on solutions to the energy challenge being faced by the Mediterranean. On this occasion, the EIB will present new instruments available for boosting energy efficiency, discuss how to integrate the Mediterranean’s potentially large renewable capacity into the national and international grids, and announce the results of the FEMIP Trust Fund Study on the Mediterranean Solar Plan.

(ENPI Info Centre)

Valencia Mediterranean Solar Plan Conferencewebsite

EIB 8th FEMIP Conference – Energy in the Mediterranean Region: the Challenges Ahead

Background note: Renewable energy cooperation with the Mediterranean and GCC regions – What is the Commission doing?

EU external energy policy

EU energy technology and innovation initiatives

ENPI Info Centre webpage – energy

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