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EU contributes to payment of Palestinian wages and pensions

11 janvier 2010

The EU is contributing to the payment of Palestinian civil servants’ wages and pensions for December 2009 with just under €6.3 million, in line with its commitment to ensure the continuous delivery of public services to the Palestinian population.   A delegation press release on January 6 said the “funds for this payment have been made available by the European Union and the governments of Ireland and Luxembourg, and are channelled through PEGASE, the European mechanism for support to the Palestinians”.

The combined PEGASE contribution, including €1.5 million from Ireland and €0.5 million from Luxembourg, will be added to the payment of salaries and pensions of 80,021 beneficiaries by the Palestinian Ministry of Finance in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

« By this contribution to cover salaries and pensions of December, the European Union’s support to the Palestinian people in 2009 reached more than €500 million” said Christian Berger, the European Union Representative in Jerusalem. « The European Union fully appreciates the difficult budgetary situation that the Palestinian Authority continues to face, and reiterates its commitment to support Prime Minister Fayyad’s effort to maintain regular salary payments, as a way of ensuring the continuous delivery of public services to the Palestinian people both in the West Bank and Gaza. »

PEGASE channels EU assistance to help build a Palestinian State, in accordance with the priorities and needs identified by the Palestinian Authority in its three-year reform and development programme (PRDP). Launched by the European Commission on 1 February 2008, it is the main financing mechanism of the European Union, the largest donor to the Palestinians.   The European Union and EU Member States committed more than €289 million in 2009 in support of the Palestinian Authority’s recurrent costs through PEGASE. As well as helping the Palestinian Authority to meet a substantial proportion of its running costs, European funds support major reform and development programmes in key ministries, to help prepare the Palestinian Authority for statehood in line with the plan proposed in August 2009 by Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

Press release European Commission Technical Assistance Office for the West Bank and Gaza Strip

External Cooperation – Occupied Palestinian Territory

External Relations – Occupied Palestinian Territory

ENPI Info Centre – Occupied Palestinian Territory

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