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Morocco launches the first Amazigh TV Channel

8 janvier 2010

In a party organised the 6th January in hotel Hassaan in Rabat, the Communication Minister and the government’s official spokesperson, Khalid Naciri, announced the launch of the Moroccan Amazigh TV. Moroccans have been waiting for this TV since the Ajdir royal speech in 2001 where King Mohamed promised to take into consideration the Amzigh cause and make it one of the State’s priorities.

In his speech, Ahmed Boukous, the Director of the Royal Institution for Amazigh Culture, said that the new Moroccan TV is a “historical event” that will lead to a new vision towards the Moroccan identity of which Amazigh language, culture, and civilisation are parts of its development.

The Director of the new Amazigh TV channel, Mohamed Mammad, gave a presentation about the programmes that will be aiming at social, economic, cultural, and sport shows. Also the TV will air talk shows and debates of Amazigh scholars and members of the community. The Amazigh TV channel  will broadcast six hours everyday, from Monday to Friday, and ten hours during the weekend.

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  1. 7 mars 2010 17:45

    It seems that Moroccans in power are gainng consciousnesss after they had lost it for a long time.Morocco is an Amazigh country and it will be so as long as the Free people live in it. Azul

  2. Najmaoui permalink
    1 juin 2010 19:50

    At the surface it semms an ideal matter and goal achieved by all all the amazigh populations who aspire to their identity. However, will this project serve the needed objectives and walk on the right path?
    The responsibility lies on the hands of the people in charge of creating and preparing progams.

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