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3rd General Assembly of the Euro-Mediterranean Non-Governmental Platform

6 janvier 2010

The Euro-Mediterranean Non-Governmental Platform held its 3rd General Assembly on 19 & 20 December 2009, in Istanbul, Turkey, with the participation of representatives from regional, sub-regional and local networks. The meeting of this General Assembly which was attended by representatives from the following governments: Turkey, Sweden, France and Spain, in addition to the representative of the European Commission, was an opportunity to assess two years of work since the last Assembly held in Madrid in 2007.

It was also an occasion to hold serious and constructive dialogue and debate with a view to consolidating the Platform’s achievements and identifying shortages, particularly those related to the definition of the Platform’s strategy, its independent agenda and good governance of its management, while ensuring the participation of all its components in order to influence the political Euromed decision making process and ensure a real and effective participation of the Platform in Barcelona Process /Union for the Mediterranean, in favour of peace, security, democracy and Human Rights in the region.

The General Assembly has noted with satisfaction the Platform’s success in guaranteeing the funding of its various future initiatives, with the exception however of its administrative structure – a key to the implementation of its programmes – which remains a matter of preoccupation and concern for the future of the Platform.

Accordingly, the participants have reaffirmed the following:

  • They appreciate the efforts made by the Board and notably the Executive Committee so as to recover the Platform’s political consideration and credibility and strengthen its presence at the different Euro-Mediterranean events on the basis of its Charter adopted in Cyprus in 2004.
  • They appreciate the cooperation with the European Commission which helped in supporting the Platform and provide it with a significant budget likely to enable it to implement the Civil Forums’ recommendations, create dialogue opportunities, improve the capacity of Euromed civil society’s components to listen to each another in respecting their diversity and plurality both in the North and in the South, take effective initiatives and consolidate common values.
  • They appreciate the symbolic political contribution made at the establishment of the Union for the Mediterranean, and praise the favourable response of the Co-Presidency to the declaration and recommendations of the regional seminar organized by the Platform in Casablanca on the eve of the creation of the Union for the Mediterranean.
  • They note and reaffirm the need for a favourable response to the aspirations and expectations of civil society, expressed through the Euromed Non-Governmental Platform, notably in light of the changes that the Euromed space has undergone, from Barcelona Process to the Union for the Mediterranean, and the implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon.
  • They demand the Euromed institutions to respect and favourably respond to civil society’s agenda and aspirations on the basis of the respect for Human Rights, including equality between men and women, democracy, freedom of expression, social justice, peace and security in the Euromed region.
  • They reaffirm the necessity to establish the Palestinian State with Al-Quds as its capital, in the framework of two neighbour states respectful of their respective independence and of the relevant UN resolutions, including the return of refugees and liberation of prisoners, with the aim of achieving peace, security and coexistence in the Euromed space.
  • They demand the governments of all Euromed countries to cooperate with civil society, and consider it as an essential partner in matters of development, democracy, respect of Human Rights and peace, while respecting its independence and its right to express its positions.
  • They entrust the elected bodies with the task of implementing the conclusions and recommendations of the 3rd General Assembly with a view to materializing the aspiration of the participants, to make out of the Platform and its components a Euromed reality with a structured framework capable of good governance, action, participation and influencing the Euromed decision making process.
  • They demand the partner governments and institutions, convinced of the importance of civil society’s independence and its right of existence and expression, to guarantee the needed funding of the Platform’s administrative structure, on the basis of transparency, good governance and efficiency, in order to enable it to implement its programmes.
  • They reaffirm the Platform’s absolute solidarity with opinion prisoners in the region, demand their liberation and respect of their right to freedom, expression and dignity, in accordance with the provisions of international treaties.
  • The Euromed Non-governmental Platform’s 3rd General Assembly, while expressing its pride of and solidarity with all civil society’s components who share the values of Cyprus Charter, reaffirms its readiness to effectively contribute to the various Euromed institutions and their activities with a view to participating and influencing the Euromed decision making process.

Istanbul, 20 December, 2009

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