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Four New Members in the FEMISE Network

15 décembre 2009


FEMISE (Forum Euroméditerranéen des Instituts de Sciences Économiques) has the pleasure to welcome the four new members that joined the network in November 2009 as Active Members. The new members are:

  1. Centre for Economic Research on Mediterranean Countries, Economic Department at the Akdeniz University in Turkey has for objective to contribute to the scientific cooperation of the region, and the reinforcement of the relations between Mediterranean countries and the integration to the EU. The center is presented by its director Prof. Selim Cagatay. For more details on the Centre (Visit their website).

2. European Institute, London School of Economics, UK. The institute is a non-profit organization established in the LSE, whose main interest is to conduct economic research and disseminate it through different channels. The Institute has been designated as a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence by the European Commission. It provides EU-Med studies through its three focused departments: Center for Spanish studies, Hellenic Observatory and Turkish Observatory. The latter was established in 2005 and is funded by Turkish government, Turkish central bank and other Turkish government institutes. The Institute is presented by Dr. Joan Costa i Font, Lecturer. To learn more about the Institute (Visit their website).

3. European Documentation & Research Centre (EDRC) was established at the University of Malta in 1992 and was granted in 2004 the status Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence by the European Commission. It operates as a research and teaching centre in the area of European policy studies. In addition to publishing papers, studies and books on developments in the EU and on EU-Malta and Euro-Mediterranean relations. It organises conferences and seminars for a wide range of audiences and publishes a regular Newsletter.  The Centre will be represented by Dr. Stefano Moncada, Assistant Lecturer in Development Economics and European Studies. For more details on the Centre (Visit their website )

4. Institute of Development Research and Development Policy (IEE) was established in 1966 as the central scientific unit of Ruhr University Bochum, Germany,  in which most of the development research (and teaching activities) relating to economics, management, social science, law and geography are pooled. The research centre has a multidisciplinary approach to study economic, political and socio-cultural development in the countries of the South. The Institute is presented by Dr. Anja Zorob, Senior Research Fellow.  (Visit their website).

FEMISE network is now composed of 84 institutes: where 39 representing the 10 Mediterranean Partners and 45 representing the European Union.

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