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First Anna Lindh Forum Announced

13 novembre 2009

Anna_Lindh_FoundThe annual general meeting of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Heads of National Civil Society Networks, taking place under the Swedish Presidency of the EU, concluded  in Gothenburg (9th November 2009), with the collective endorsement of the Foundation’s programme for 2010 which includes publication of the first Report on Intercultural Behaviours, and a Forum of more than 500 civil society representatives to take place next March in Barcelona.

Speaking at the general meeting, André Azoulay, President of the Anna Lindh Foundation said:

“The Anna Lindh Forum will be a gathering without precedence. The Forum represents the call from all our civil societies for renewed efforts for peace and dialogue and it will contribute significantly to supporting a new momentum for Mediterranean cooperation”

The annual general meeting is the first time the Heads of Networks have met in 2009 following the events which have impacted on intercultural relations in the Mediterranean region, including the Gaza War and the global economic crisis, and the planned Forum next March will also be a platform for civil society groups to present, share and build their actions in favour of intercultural dialogue.

“The Union for the Mediterranean has faced significant challenges since its launch,” Mr Azoulay added. “But it remains the opportunity for civil societies at large to build together their common destiny and to finish with the archaic notion of a clash of civilizations, a vision which the Foundation and its network will play a central role in building.”

The Anna Lindh Forum will take place from 4th to 7th March in Barcelona, under the Spanish Presidency of the EU, and is being carried out in partnership with the European Institute of the Mediterranean and with the support of the Spanish Government, the Catalan Government and the City Council of Barcelona.

Anna Lindh Foundation Website:

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